#Team Intelligence


Nowadays more and more CEOs are aware that EQ is an essential factor in effective...

#Digital Evolution

EQ Leadership: The solution for crises management and turnover?

Crises can emerge in many different ways, often striking without warning. In a 1959 speech,...

#Digital Evolution#The Product

The new key performance predictor? The Leadership Perception Gap. (Are you measuring it?)

Analyzing +1.5M Data*, we discovered that during the first year of Pandemic, Team Leaders considered...

#Team Intelligence

Cross-Team Communication Value in the Hybrid TeamEQ

Mukōsangen ryōdonari - the three houses opposite and one on either side- is a Japanese...

#Thoughts from CEO

NEW GAME, NEW RULES: the New Performance Paradigm Era (and Intelligent Teams) has come.

We know that what happened in our world during the last 3 years was –...

#Team Intelligence#The Product


Great achievements normally involve talented people, and talented people need to interact with stimulating and...

#TeamEQ News

Future of Work: Izertis invests in the People Analytics sector and becomes a shareholder in TeamEQ, the SaaS Team Intelligence Platform

Digital transformation multinational Izertis has announced that it has become a leading investor in TeamEQ,...

#Team Intelligence

What if we merge Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

In a project, any type of need can arise and to solve it a holistic...

#Cultural Transformation#Digital Evolution#Team Intelligence#Technological Humanism

Becoming data-driven is about more than technology

One of the many consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has been an increase in the...

#Cultural Transformation#Digital Evolution#Technological Humanism

HR Tech is the new must: Top 2022 trends you don’t want to miss

The past year has seen an acceleration in the uptake of HR tech and how...

#Digital Evolution#Leadership Development#Team Intelligence

You are what you measure: are you controlling data, or is data controlling you?

Every interaction generates data. Every transaction or engagement can be converted into a number, a...

#Cultural Transformation#Leadership Development#Team Intelligence

Comfort is the enemy of progress: What is DEIB and how can it lead to your company’s growth?

If you haven’t heard of ‘DEIB’ before, it’s time you got familiar. This new acronym...

#Cultural Transformation#Leadership Development#Team Intelligence

Is Thursday the new Friday?

By now we’ve all heard of remote working, freelance work and flexible hour schemes. But...

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