Great achievements normally involve talented people, and talented people need to interact with stimulating and demanding environments to express themselves at their best. In fact, usually talents are not solitary, they feed off each other, thus it is essential to find out each Team Members’ unique personality and strength, namely talent (MI), in order to enhance them while working in a team. Gallup also backs up this theory founding that team members become 7.8% more productive when become aware of their strengths. However, mere superb intellect and a simple talent alone do not turn people into extraordinary team members; the real catalyst for the mechanisms of the group mind – so that it can think and act brilliantly- is the emotional intelligence.

Different approaches to team building and performance are possible, however ″All for one and one for all! ″ perfectly summarizes the current spirit that in different degrees prevail in organizations nowadays. Which means that, as well as people is willing to be part of a group, this same group should be able to bring out the best in them. As a matter of fact, when working together everyone has his or her own way of applying their strengths to work, enriching the whole Team with several points of view, ways of facing challenges and also sharing solutions. Being part of a Team is not only meant to be a part of the group, it also means to share the same values and goals.

Human history is built on people working together and boosting mutually their collective intelligence. This happens in several fields such as health care, schools, sports and organizations where, at different levels, small groups of people manage to cooperate. As can be seen in Science, Economics, Philosophy and even Poetry, once again collective intelligence is the sum of talents; after all, as John Donne (1572 – 1631) once stated ″No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent […] ″, that continent, or that same whole, that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Pro-Tip: TeamEQ is going to help you in scouting and boosting your Team, so that each Members’ talent could better be put at the disposal of the common goals of your organization, according to your values.  This way you will be able to test to what extent increasing mutual team members’ trust and cooperation, through EQ, will be the key for your organization’s success.





Background bibliography:

  1. Goleman, Working with emotional intelligence, Bantam Books, 1998


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