What if we merge Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

In a project, any type of need can arise and to solve it a holistic teamwork is necessary.

Team Health Index® TeamEQ

When talking about intelligence, thought comes back to the theories of EQ and MI. That is because, to some extent, they are connected. In fact, as Goleman does, focusing on EQ to meet goals, targets and to generate the best social environment, so did Gardner with MI, trying to show how they influence learning, according to students’ natural inclination.

Gardner points out that we all own multiple abilities to varying degrees, suggesting that there are multiple types of intelligence and diverse ways for people to assimilate, manage and implement knowledge. Therefore, to face different situations people need a distinct set of intelligences.

On the other hand, Goleman in his 2006 book, Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships, showed how emotion is a critical component of leadership and learning. Therefore, EQ should be a priority of daily life because it conveys people’s actions and reactions, influencing relationships and social life, as well as their own experience and well-being.

Thus, the main new year’s proposal for 2023 is to create the best teamwork by merging MI and EQ, keeping in mind that:

  1. it helps you to become more aware of your team’s strengths and abilities, enhancing the productivity of your own working team and highlighting the areas of improvement
  2. each team member, like a piece of the jigsaw, is a complementary part of the whole team. Never forget that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”, as Michael Jordan said
  3. your team’s outstanding skills and intelligences, both individual and common, are part of your success

TeamEQ is the answer, providing you with the tools for creating and empowering the most suitable team, according to each specific project and new challenges

Elena Alchieri

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