Living with The Machine: How Technological Humanism will save the future of work

Living with The Machine: How Technological Humanism will save the future of work

As we transition to a new technological era, we face a fascinating paradox: the businesses who survive will be those that learn to be ‘more human’. In contrast, the companies that urge their teams to keep thinking, acting and learning like robots will become obsolete. 

Studies suggest that soon over 50% of jobs will be replaced by AI and automation. Instead of seeing this as an existential threat, it’s time for us to see this transformation as an opportunity. Learning to live with the new reality offered by accelerated technological change, while making our teams more productive and empowered, means using that technology to put people at the center.


The Human in the world of big data

But how can we achieve this seemingly impossible task? Technology is the new religion, data is more valuable than oil and big-tech companies define the way we consume, interact with each other and even perceive the reality that surrounds us. However, every day we are more aware of the dangers posed by putting the financial rewards of technology above the interests of humans. 

Today, we are more aware than ever before of the need to ‘re-set’ our relationship with the technological tools that are revolutionizing our world. Moving from being passive data harvesters to empowered individuals who use technology as a tool to go deeper into what it means to be human.

This new relationship will replace technological dogmas such as connectivity, efficiency and speed with human relevance, engagement, well-being and self-realisation. 

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Creating a new space 

At TeamEQ our mission is to use technology like data and machine learning, to open up a new space for human self-realization. Technology as a facilitator of open communication and trust building. Technology with ‘a human face’. 

Because many of the attributes that make us human, and give us more contented and, therefore, more productive teams, are non-binary and non-computable. Intuition, imagination, empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence: the things that bind us together and which can never be automated by a machine. Instead of seeing technology as a barrier to these attributes, tools like TeamEQ can help us to listen to real human feelings, stimulating a sense of belonging and encouraging creativity and well-being in our teams. 

So, instead of trying to be ‘think more like a machine’, we can use tools like TeamEQ to ‘think more like a human’. Only by doing that can we protect our businesses, boost our productivity and construct the better future that we all deserve to live in.

Find out how TeamEQ can enhance the human capacity of your teams by taking a test today.


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