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Thoughts from TeamEQ’s CEO: Riders on (the data) storm

We are entering a key moment for our organizations. Everything is changing. Uncertainty rules. The world has been turned upside down and systematic transformation is on the horizon. In this panorama, business leaders are facing a vital, existential question: change now, or wait? Now, more than ever, having the right data will be the only way to ride this storm and come out stronger, leaner and more productive on the other side. 

As in all times of change, companies are using the moment to begin restructuring and re-organizing. New types of teams, and new ways of working are being accelerated. As we enter ‘the new normal’ it is still unclear whether we will even be able to go back to our offices and return to the ways of working that have conditioned our professional lives for generations.


The danger of waiting

The chaotic nature of rapid change can lead us to a false belief: “Let’s wait until everything calms down”. The tendency is to hold on to what we’re familiar with and think that now is not the time to make decisions. There may even be the feeling that there needs to be more stability in leadership, teams and objectives before beginning an HR analytics. 

But I’ve got some news for you: STABILITY WILL NOT RETURN. 

It is delusional to think that things will return to how they were before. It’s time to learn how to manage and lead in a storm. Instead of waiting, accept reality and build your business with the strategic tools that will help you to take the lead in this new environment. Decisions need to be based on data, not on a reaction to adverse circumstances.

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TeamEQ can help you to ride the storm

Traditional HR analytics gives data ‘upstream’ or attempts to ‘take a snapshot’ of the situation of our teams at the current moment. This isn’t enough in the current environment.
A new generation of Team Analytics tools like TeamEQ, with a systemic and transparent vision, are an ideal tool in times of crisis. The ability to have real-time data and predictive analytics gives leaders the ability to anticipate, analyze and change quickly. TeamEQ is a key support tool for leaders in times of change and uncertainty. 

More than ever, it is important to be quick to survive. TeamEQ can be implemented in only one week and the effects on team dynamics and decision-making can be immediate.  It’s time to swap guesswork for teamwork. TeamEQ lets you know how your teams are really feeling, giving you the perspective necessary to implement change with tranquility, despite the difficult circumstances.  

Now, you can drive the change instead of trying to catch up with it. This is the moment to ride the storm, not be swept away by it.


Francesca Gabetti

CEO & Co-Founder

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