I wish I had discovered TeamEQ for my teams sooner

I wish I had discovered TeamEQ for my teams sooner! An open letter from a Team Mate to his collegues.

I am Marc, I’ve been enjoying working for more than half my life! Some of this time being part of diverse teams (in size, culture, and business form …) and the rest having responsibility has being involded in the management of teams and people that create them. So when I started using TeamEQ the first thing that came to mind was how different it would have been to have this tool in my previous positions, both as TeamLeader and TeamMate.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the uses I would have as TeamLeader using TeamEQ (you can see it here)

Today I want to share with you what, as a TeamMate, TeamEQ has enabled me to do in many of my experiences and is currently allowing me in a team:

  1. Become more aware of how my team is (at key points to success)
  2. See the differences in perception between my vision and that of the rest of the team (the real vision, not just those who talk a lot at meetings or the coffee corner)
  3. To be aware that the team everyone, not just the leader. (take responsibility for myself and not to expect the leader to be the only one to propose and act)
  4. Share my vision, concerns, solutions, ideas, …. Anonymously, the “fear what they will say” disappears (there is no public judgement by anyone and thus I can be more myself)
  5. To see how we evolve, in a continuous way, and as we unify criteria and vocabulary (thanks to generating conversations in which we share results, concerns, proposals, …)
  6. To realize how my particular mood of the moment affects my vision of the team, and thus be more objective (I knew that this was true and was happening but  now I can see it continuously and “neutralize” it.
  7. Improve my relationship with the Team Leader (since its accessibility becomes notorious and continuous, even in teams displaced in space and / or time with few face-to-face meetings.
  8. To have a greater balance between who I am personally and professionally (in raising questions and awareness, this awareness is extrapolated to more aspects of my life)
  9. Improve the atmosphere, communication, commitment and results of my team.

TeamEQ_White Paper_How COVID-19 has affected the collective intelligence of our teams in 2020_banner web

I have explained to you some of the advantages and benefits that I have had using TeamEQ for myself as both a Team Mate and a Team Leader. I am convinced that I havn’t even discovered all of them yet and that you will find some more. When you do, It would be great if you could share them with me.


If you are new to TeamEQ, click here to try this great tool, which I wish I had found earlier.

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