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Not all data is created equal

How TeamBeats® changed the paradigm

The search for effective tools to generate data has become the ultimate goal of HR managers, leaders and coaches looking to boost team performance, alignment and participation. 

But a successful Team Analytics tool isn’t something that just happens overnight. Nor does it come from quick fixes or limited data sets. Instead, successful Team Analytics is the result of a systemic approach, grounded in science and built on the unique experience provided by data accumulated over many years. 

As more solutions enter the market, team leaders face an array of options that all promise to deliver immediate results. However, before choosing one of these,  they need to ask themselves an important question: how can I be sure that the solution I’m considering can provide the meaningful insights that will have a real impact on the success of my business?

The short answer is… science. 

A scientific approach that combines systemic human-centric methodologies, real-time human data and advanced predictive technologies.


TeamEQ’s methodological development

The origins of TeamEQ began in Silicon Valley in 2013. However, the expertise behind it can be traced even further back through the 20 years of direct experience in organizational development, organizational behavior, systemic management, team coaching and traditional psychology of TeamEQ’s co-founders, Francesca Gabetti and Francesco De Ambrogi.

The people behind TeamEQ asked themselves a question: How can we take advantage of the opportunities offered by machine learning and real time data analysis to accelerate organizational transformation, improve leadership and boost the collective intelligence of our teams? Traditional tools or other SAAS were still top-down and only measured at the individual level, without properly addressing the team dimensions and the new more dynamic ways of team working that were emerging at the time.

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The solution was simple, yet powerful. A quick, pulse survey that could generate specific data around the most relevant KPIs that impact every team, and then offer the analytical insights that would help them to achieve high performance… The idea behind TeamBeats® was born: an online tool to measure levels of engagement, commitment, cohesion and well-being at employee, team and company level and then guide the implementation of new team-work habits through human data and machine learning to improve decision-making. 

From 2014 – 2017 TeamBeats® was developed through testing and prototyping and a deep analysis of the scientific literature. Because TeamBeat® grew from actual, real-world usage the database was able to gather sufficient information to study the time series and predictability of data. During the testing phase, teams had the opportunity to actively use the tool for more than a year. Advanced and predictive analytical methods were then used to fulfill a number of requirements, forecast the short-term future state of a team in terms of “team health”, detect critical changes, understand the reason of unexpected variation and establish, whenever possible, causality relationships. 

In the subsequent fine-tuning phase, TeamEQ observed, measured and interviewed its users for 15 months through focus groups and meetings with Team Leaders, consultants and investors, online and face-to-face interviews with the Team Leaders, online customer satisfaction for all users and an analysis of TeamBeat® results.

Dashboard TeamEQ - blog

Data science meets business intelligence

TeamBeat® was created from 9 variables, each variable consisting of 1 item, and each item related to the team’s performance and well-being. This choice was mainly driven by the need to shorten the test to reach the possibility of administering it in a very short way and repeating the measure often.

Since then, the TeamBeat® has been revised several times during the development process, adapting to customers’ needs and internal research processes. 

Every TeamBeat® is the result of years of research, and the cumulative impact of massive datasets developed during real-world usage by teams across all sectors. A unique scientific resource that allows businesses to connect with the data that really matters.

More than just a measurement tool, TeamBeat® offers business the opportunity to enter the digital era, excelling and integrating technology with a humanistic vision. The result is an acceleration in cultural and digital transformation, a progressive shift towards soft skills in the workplace management culture and a tangible boost in performance and competitiveness.

Find out more about the power of TeamBeat® by taking a demo today.


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