Innovation: the key to successful leadership

The world of work is an ever-changing environment where people and businesses find themselves constantly having to adapt in order to succeed. Google’s LLC Chief Innovation Evangelist Frederik G. Pferdt recently claimed that “In the past, everyone wanted to innovate. Now, everyone needs to innovate”. It is essential for business leaders to adopt this mindset. But, as we enter a more challenging environment for leadership, are you ready to take action in order to keep growing your company and stay connected to your team?

At times, we forget that the most integral part of a business are the people who work there. Richard Branson once said: “Look after your people and they will look after your customers. It’s that simple”. Making sure you know how your teams feel has become a fundamental factor in the success of a business. Whether you’re a small start-up or an enterprise, developing a sense of empathy and emotional intelligence is always going to benefit you. One way to ensure that you as a leader can monitor your company and the people working in it is to invest in an HR analytics platform. 

One of the many benefits of a team-focused platform is its efficiency factor. It helps you save time, money and energy through its systematic approach which offers C-levels and team leaders the chance to improve performance, the relationship with the rest of the team and by facilitating continuous feedback and sharing of ideas transparently and without judgement.

HR analytic platforms can help transform your organisation in 4 simple steps:


  • The software measures and shares information based on reliable, systemic data and on your team’s feedback. Rather than collecting thousands of pieces of data manually, the software spots trends, monitors KPI’s and eNPS as well as people’s variables for you and provides tips to help you decide what the best actions for you to take are. 


  • It analyses and communicates results through real time, intuitive dashboards. This allows you and your team members to compare answers, work on perception gaps and open the door to more effective and aligned team meetings. As team leaders, you’ll be able to compare teams, benchmark KPIs, understand dynamics, support people and develop a real-time feedback and continuous listening culture. This will then ensure a more empathetic environment where everyone’s privacy is guaranteed.


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  • Once you have analysed the data, you can solve issues through personalised actions and recommendations powered by artificial intelligence (AI) analysis. You will be able to use engagement drivers, benchmarks and predictive behavioural trends to easily anticipate attritions. Thanks to the transparent approach that platforms like TeamEQ adopt, they are perceived as a collaborative tool to not only improve teamwork, well-being and co-leadership skills, but also individual development.


  • A team-focused platform like TeamEQ helps you improve and start a new spiral of growth. It’s humanistic approach prioritises your team’s well-being and drives the organisation based on core values. You can train your leadership skills and develop the emotional intelligence of  teams and individuals, therefore improving the increasingly important empathetic approach.


As a leader, you know that without innovation, your business cannot survive. TeamEQ offers the tools you need to help you manage your teams and your organization in a smart way and accelerate results through intelligent teams. Discover how an innovative HR tool like TeamEQ can cater to and support your organisational development, your business and your cultural transformation, whatever your industry and your goal may be. 

With the ever growing need for empathy as a skill in the workplace, a value-driven platform like TeamEQ can help you and your company thrive. Understanding and allowing your employees to express themselves will create a more trusting environment for all. With more emotionally intelligent leadership and teams, you can expect great business results. Is your business ready to take the leap into a post-pandemic world where innovation will be the difference between failure and success? 

Find out how TeamEQ can help innovate your business and help you grow as a Leader by asking for a Demo today.


By Claudia Bosso (TeamEQ)


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