How can I be a conscious leader?

Companies are increasingly asking for conscious leaders, but what does that really mean?

Conscious leadership allows for a better connection with the environment without losing sight of the results. It includes staying focused on relationships, communication, and results.

10 tips to be a conscious leader

1.- Vision: Have a superior goal and a clear vision of the business and the people, based on authenticity. Additionally, understand the strategic objectives of the company and have the ability to anticipate the needs and changes of both the company and its team.

2.- Motivation and belonging: Know how to listen to your coworkers to understand their needs, inspire them, and become their “go-to” person for references. Gain a high sense of belonging to the company.

3.- Emotional intelligence: Effectively manage your emotions and your team’s emotions. Take care of your personal, as well as your team’s, development.  Facilitate the collaboration and integration of all members, making everything seem simple and affordable in moments of complexity.

4.- Servant leadership: Instead of only focusing on the well-being of the business, focus on serving your team. Take care of the results while being there for your team, worrying about the care and commitment of your team and the people around them.

5.- Trust and transparency: build trust and gain credibility not through power, but through active listening.

Take care of your personal coherence. Be committed and generous, although know how to respect and enforce limits.

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6.- Integrity: everyone can and should aspire to have high integrity, which means unifying their values ​​and virtues within the community and having strong moral principles.

7.- Innovative: encouraging innovation and creativity, supporting the team if they decide to take risks, and encouraging them to take responsibility. There is something to be learned from all mistakes. You must be constantly working and up to date with the latest trends and tools to improve and develop your team.

8.- Empower the team: Share your knowledge and listen to your coworkers. Each member of the team should have a voice in the decisions of the group and in determining the objectives. This helps express the interests of the group and represent the team accordingly, while also developing people’s characters. It also encourages decision making and the accountability of each team member to help make decisions.

9.- Humor: Having a sense of humor and the ability to make others laugh shows a high degree of emotional intelligence. Looking at situations without trial, taking advantage of every opportunity that the environment offers.

10.- Authenticity: Know yourself, your virtues and added your values, and how to unify your virtues ​​and values within the community. Take care of your personal development.


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