Towards a new way of working

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” - Albert Einstein

Those words represent a glimmer of hope in challenging times. We know from experience that every crisis accelerates cultural and social transformation. The important thing is to have the right tools to ensure that those changes will have a positive and lasting impact on our lives, and on the way we work.

Now, more than ever, a company’s ability to adapt, survive and thrive is conditioned by its collective intelligence.


Towards a new way of working

Every team is a living network. Therefore, when facing tough times, the importance of sharing successful communication, active listening and empathy become paramount. 

The Covid-19 crisis is simply accelerating a process that, though many companies have tried to slow down, was inevitable: a new way of working. A professional environment where collective intelligence and systemic leadership will be vital to make the difference between success and failure. 


How to rise to the challenge

As you approach these moments together as a team over the next few weeks, here are seven words that will help you to build your team’s collective intelligence and turn crisis into opportunity.


1.Trust: Our attitude to the changes we are experiencing will be decisive when we take stock of the situation. It’s essential for every member of a team to connect and be open to discussing their questions and doubts. In these uncertain times transparent communication is indispensable to maintain trust 

2. Commitment: Today, more than ever, the collective mentality imposes itself on the individual mindset. Results will depend on the dedication, effort and collaboration of everyone in the team. You might have less volume of work than usual. It’s a good time to stop and reflect on the actions that can be taken to ensure the success of the whole team.

3. Goals: Make a concise list of the goals you expect your team to achieve and communicate them clearly. Think about why these goals are important. Write SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound), and make sure they are consistent with your company’s mission, vision and values.

4. Effectiveness: Agree as a team on the tools you will use to communicate and share information. If your workload allows it, encourage interdepartmental collaboration. Be flexible. Your team members are in an unusual work environment, sharing the space with their spouses, children and pets… if they don’t answer the phone, it might be for a good reason.

5. Harmony: Fear and uncertainty are blossoming, and people can be irritable. Everyone in the team must show understanding, empathy and respect for the feelings of every member of the team. 

6. Motivation: We are facing a global pandemic, live in a state of alarm, confined to our homes, borders are closing and colleagues are losing their jobs…how can we stay motivated? Show unconditional support, be open to questions, suggestions, doubts, fears. Your team has probably faced tough times before. How did you manage to overcome them? It’s a good time to remember and foster your strengths. Have a virtual laugh.

7. Well- Being: We will spend several weeks locked up in our homes…being aware of our well-being is crucial. 

Make sure your workplace has enough light and ventilation. Eat well, exercise.

Maintain a healthy schedule: do not overwork. 

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These variables are at the core of our teams’ performance. With TeamEQ you can act now to improve them. TeamEQ is the ideal platform to measure key variables like trust and alignment, offering real-time data to inform the actions that will help us to improve the results and well-being of our teams in these challenging times.


Remember that your attitude, your team’s attitude and the attitude of each of its members will be decisive to come through this uncertain moment stronger, better and more effective. 


Yes, this could be the most difficult crisis we have faced. 


But it could also become our greatest opportunity.

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