From Digital First to Digital Well-being

The future of work has changed forever as a result of COVID-19. No one knows how the crisis will eventually pan out, but one thing is certain: The success of companies will be built on the health and well-being of their people. 

As we prepare to reopen the economy, we will not be returning to business as usual. The profound uncertainty caused by the crisis has disrupted both our operations and the day-to-day psychological health of our employees in equal measure. To succeed in this new era, organizations everywhere are learning quickly how to use digital tools to enhance well-being and, consequently, maximize productivity in their teams.


Putting the well-being of employees first

Many companies have spent the last few years investing in digital-first. Through digital transformation and tech innovation, their goal has been to evolve into businesses that operationally and strategically put digital data at the center of all their decision-making processes. 

But how can digital start to make an impact on the areas that can directly affect the happiness and motivation of our employees?

Most organizations didn’t plan for the current situation and don’t have the necessary expertise and capabilities at the ready. This complicates and perhaps delays the ability of any company to keep growing in the current environment.

There are many questions to consider as we move forward and finding the answers that can help us to make the right decision now is becoming increasingly urgent. Perhaps the most pressing concern is: how do we maintain team cohesion, well-being and productivity in this new remote working environment? 

Traditionally, face-to-face interaction, team meetings, a chat and a coffee, or just a reassuring hand on the shoulder have helped us to monitor the feelings of our teams, identify problems and find solutions. 

However, social distancing and the new work paradigm means that we need to find new ways to listen to our teams and understand their challenges as we move towards a new environment. 

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Planning for Digital Well-being

Luckily, there are digital tools and platforms that can help us to accelerate our return-to-work readiness, giving decision-makers a 360-degree view of employees to make data-driven decisions in real time to help them to survive, and eventually to continue to thrive and grow.

The new normal of work will also require all organizations to become more employee-centric and empathetic. 

Companies can act now to start making that aspiration a reality. Here are some of the things you can do now to begin the transition towards becoming a company that focusses on digital well-being:

  • Offer an employee portal with real-time updates, resources, and policies, and introduce an employee and customer feedback loop that evolves over time.
  • Train employees on all new processes and available resources.
  • Introduce assistance programs and resources, both analog and digital (mental health, childcare, COVID-related financial support).
  • Develop employee health and wellness apps and encourage their adoption.
  • Introduce new 1:1 online check-in processes and employee surveys to monitor wellness.
  • Update employee engagement programs with the goal of keeping everyone informed, promoting wellness, and reducing anxiety.
  • Track best practices.


TeamEQ provides leaders with real-time data on the performance and well-being of their teams. Using active listening, anonymous reporting and real-time, actionable data, TeamEQ can help you to start making that all-important transition to becoming a company that puts the well-being of their teams first.

Becoming a digital well-being company will be good for your people and, therefore, good for your business. Not only does it leave an organization prepared for operating in disruptive environments; it sends a message to the market that the organization is resilient and innovative. It also lets your  teams know that you are ready to listen to their needs.

Find out how TeamEQ can help you to start leading the transformation of your business by joining our next webinars (Spanish and English).

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