Towards a collective Emotional Intelligence – How technology can unleash the power of EQ at scale

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of the publication of Daniel Goleman’s seminal work, Emotional Intelligence. Why it can Matter more than IQ.

Today, in 2021, Goleman’s thesis has become more relevant than ever before for organizations and businesses everywhere. In the current circumstances no company or leader can thrive without Emotional intelligence and the empathy and self-awareness that sustains it. This is no longer solely an individual leadership challenge: in order to survive the accelerated changes coming around the corner, we need to bring a collective emotional intelligence to our organizations and teams.

At TeamEQ, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is in our DNA. We know that Emotional Intelligence is not only fundamental for successful leaders, it is also essential for successful businesses and teams. It is clearer now than ever after the pandemic that the key challenge for organizations is how to take the necessary step towards a collective emotional intelligence, powered by digital solutions and impacting some of the questions that can make the difference between success and failure:

  • How, as a company, can we manage the waves of emotions and the stressful personal or professional situations that are impacting our people’s ability to function effectively?
  • What is the best way to develop a new empathetic leadership, bringing more emotional intelligence to our teams to improve their results, productivity and performance?
  • How can we maintain a team’s alignment in the current situation, while fostering a culture of open communication and innovation?
  • Do we have the right data to help to make the changes our company needs?

We need to be practical and find the simplest, measurable and most effective way possible to answer those questions.

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TeamEQ was born with the vocation of bringing the power of emotional intelligence (or EQ) to the whole organization, making team management easier, more effective, and predictive at the same time. An idea that comes from the strong realization that, for companies to function in today’s dynamic and multi-faceted working environment, a solution is needed to measure a team’s collective emotional intelligence and provide the data that helps leaders to implement the changes necessary to improve it.

The solution came from 25 years of experience alongside the application of the principles of EQ and system thinking to technology. TeamEQ created the first team analytics & team intelligence platform driven by AI, using a propriety algorithm to measure the collective EQ of teams and deliver the actionable insights that can help to boost productivity and improve their well-being.

At TeamEQ we believe in people. And, above all, we believe in our capacity to grow together. We know that Emotional Intelligence is about human connection and, with the right tools, we can boost it digitally and at scale. The moment is now, let’s not miss the chance to build networks of emotionally intelligent teams and leaders. Because if we fail to do that, when the next challenge arrives, the consequences for our organizations could be even more severe.

Discover how collective Emotional Intelligence can boost the well-being and performance of your teams by taking a TeamEQ demo today.


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