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A new era for coaching: real-time data and support for digital leadership

Over the last few years it has been demonstrated that investing in the development of our teams and in the well-being of the people work for our companies brings results in terms of both turnover and market position.  

Now, more than ever, the position of coaches, and of the professionals who specialize in the management and development of talent has become indispensable. In these times of uncertainty, re-structuring and implantation of new ways of working, companies need professionals who can support them, advise them and help them to make this transition successfully. 

Those of us in the field, know the impact that our work can have and feel the responsibility that comes with supporting leaders and teams as they undergo cultural transformation; a process that, although satisfying, can also be complex. 

I would like to highlight three challenges that we, as coaches, are facing daily: a) the use of metrics to show the tangible impact of our work b) knowing how the teams we are supporting are “feeling” at every moment and, c) the need to manage and communicate with them remotely.  And, ideally, the ability to do all of that with one tool.

Just before lockdown I was lucky enough to discover TeamEQ, an analytic platform to manage and develop intelligent teams and support leaders, which, among other things, has helped me in the challenges I have mentioned.  

Some of its primary functions are:  


Real-time data that takes the pulse of your team:

The platform is based on two TeamBeats (some quick questions that can be answered in less than 3 minutes) which are given to team members and answered anonymously. Here, we can measure variables like well-being, trust in the leader, level of motivation towards the project, possibility of conflict…  It also offers employees the chance to send qualitative feedback to leaders about each specific variable, either signed or anonymously.  

This gives us a fantastic opportunity to not only understand how a team is feeling at each moment when the TeamBeat is launched, but also to monitor their situation using metrics and the ability to follow-up remotely.  

In my case, I use these metrics to demonstrate the positive impact that certain actions have had, from training in conflict management to leadership coaching sessions with the manager.  

Concurrent management of different teams: 

For people who manage a number of teams within a Company at the same time, or who have various clients, the platform has a dashboard where you can see all of the teams alongside their metrics. That way, we can prioritize our actions and, once again, demonstrate with real data the impact that our actions are having on every team/client.  

TeamEQ_White Paper_How COVID-19 has affected the collective intelligence of our teams in 2020_banner web

Bi-directional communication:

Once each member of the team has answered the TeamBeat, the platform displays different graphics showing the metrics that have been obtained as well as their evolution over time. This allows me to use the platform to share possible actions and advice to improve the metrics that have decreased and give my congratulations for the ones that have increased.  

Another great aspect about communicating via TeamEQ is that I have a record of all the messages I have shared with my teams and clients.  

Resource library:

TeamEQ has a database of different resources divided into the different variables being measured.  This helps me to make quick and effective recommendations  to teams and leaders about specific variables. For example, if I see that the “motivation” variable has decreased, I can recommend a resource to the manager about “team recognition”,  or “how to give feedback; or I can give the team a resource about “how to improve my relationships with my teams” or “how to communicate more effectively with my manager”. All of this is easy to do, directly over the platform.  

Those professionals who have their own portfolio of resources can deactivate this option and recommend their own resources just as easily.  

In summary, the TeamEQ platform is helping me enormously in my work as a Coach and Consultant, supporting me through development and communication with my teams remotely, using tangible metrics that can demonstrate the impact my work is having.

If you want to know more about how TeamEQ can help you in your work as a Coach, Consultant or Talent Manager, ask for a demo here. 


Eva Navarro

Cultural Transformation Consultant, Client Excellence TeamEQ.


Ph: Unsplash

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