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Measures motivation, effectiveness ​a​nd the satisfaction of your team in real time​

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Discover our exclusive Team Health Index. Save time, energy & money Empower youself & your People

Measure your team effectiveness and productivity in real-time
Track your team well-being and improve your performance
Develop your team emotional intelligence and gender equity
Check the impact of your decisions on the team
Create new collaboration dynamics
TeamEQ, how it works
1. Complete a 2 minutes test
10 easy, effective and anonymous questions on a weekly or fothnightly basis. Your time and your team are the most important to us. Our methodology allows you to measure your key team KPIs every week: motivation, engagement, alignment, trust, wellbeing, atmosphere, effectiveness and satisfaction. Knowing where you are as a team is the first step towards new achievements!
2. Analyse results & trends
When 50% of the team have completed the questionnaire, Team EQ creates real time diagnostics and intuitive reports – the results of which are always anonymous. Use these reports to compare your vision to your peer’s one. Discover your trends and see how your team evolves weekly. Follow our tips, choose your priority KPIs. You will soon become addicted to TeamEQ graphs!
3. Take action
Utilize your results from TeamEQ. Write key events and actions on the Annotation Chart. Share thoughts with your teammates. What are the key areas to improve? Learn from your results and take action now. Manage change effectively and create a culture of continuous with TeamEQ


4. Learn & improve
Check the impact of actions and decisions on your team, in real time. What have been the most effective decisions you have made?  TeamEQ boosts your collective intelligence towards new and better results!
TeamEQ is created for your Team
new teams
New Teams
Newly born teams / working on short-term projects
changing teams
Changing teams
Teams dealing with a changing environment
growing teams
Growing teams
Teams in growth phase and fast growing companies
Remote teams
Teams working from different locations or on different schedules
Why teams love TeamEQ

TeamEQ enables me to manage my teams, to analyze their development and to act in a more efficient way. It improves motivation and morale, and supports the decision-making process, with measurable emotional metrics, focused on results.
Manel Giraldo
Territorial Director

TeamEQ gives us every week a clear panorama of our team. We can now detect problems and take action in zero time… and this is priceless in our market! Since answers are anonymous, TeamEQ can be trusted by all team members.
Alessandro Colombo

TeamEQ provides the right insights to understand people’s motivation and feelings. This helps them to be engaged and to improve the overall performance. It shows people that the company cares about them, which is beneficial also for the employer banding strategy.
Mauro Maltagliati
CEO Italy and Co-Founder

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