Smart Working with TeamEQ
June 2, 2017 12:00 pm

There is a new buzzword around the workplace: Smart Working ( which has roughly 277 million hits on Google). Smart working is a transformation of working in the traditional sense to new approaches teamwork. Through developing skills and creating expectations, work becomes more efficient and effective

Some principles of smart working are:

  1. Work must be in effective locations and during effective times. Needs of customers, individuals, and teammates must be considered.
  2. Collaboration and connectivity must be easily accessible. Being able to share information fast and quickly is vital.
  3. Allocate space on activities, not individuals or status.
  4. Flexibility is the norm, not the exception.
  5. Expectations must be agreed and considered by everyone.
  6. People are always challenged and feel valued.
  7. Focus on results rather than attendance.

TeamEQ utilizes all these techniques and improves teams productivity and smart working. TeamEQ will evaluate the needs of your team and match expectations of all teammates to create harmony and collaboration.  Even one of our own teammates will be talking in a conference about Smart Working.

Event: Working on Smart and Digital Skills

On Thursday, June 29, 2017, TeamEQ will be participating in an event in Milan, Working on Smart and Digital Skills, with our Italian Partner, OD&M Consulting.

OD&M is a consulting company that helps specifically with the management and development of people through their design of organizational systems and creating effective development and corporate communications. They work with companies through the pursuit of creating sustainable management for the people.

The event will be centered around how to adapt to different digital skills and work organization for managing people and teams.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Francesca Gabetti will lead a talk during the event. She will be talking about smart working and team management and improving leadership and performance.
Some other important figures who will be there are Nicola Buonanno, sales manager of Google Cloud Italy, Nicoletta Botti, senior area manager North Italy of Giunti OS.

Francesca will lead her discussion at 16:45 so come see her there. The event starts at 14:30 and registration is free and open to the public, just follow this link and click on “join.” The event is at Palazzo del Lavoro  Piazza IV Novembre, 5 en Milano.

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