La Farga – Case Study
April 20, 2017 12:09 pm
La Farga was one of our first customers, is a leader in its sector, specialized for more than 200 years in the manufacture and commercialization of semi-finished copper. They are characterized by a philosophy of continuous improvement and investing to improve, something that has allowed them to position themselves very well in the market.

Daniel Pérez (HR Director) has been relying on TeamEQ since the beginning and has been satisfied with the results obtained. It has allowed him to learn, improve and take actions with conscience, although always focused on the development of the business. He summarizes: “At Farga it is very important to get results, but to achieve them is not worth everything. We come to the conclusion that we want to be happy walking towards the outcome. “

TeamEQ benefits, according to Daniel

“It is the ideal tool to know the state of health of the team every week. It gives me the data necessary to make the most appropriate decisions to have a high performance team “

The importance of answering the questionnaire to achieve consistant reports.

“At first we didn’t see it was needed to do a session with the tool once a week, but after a while we realized that it is necessary. And that is because emotional management has to be daily. Teams not only achieve their goals through knowledge, but also through their emotions. And these must be evaluated and measured. “

TeamEQ: accompanying cultural change

“In addition, there was something that worked very well, which was to translate into our language all the factors that are in the tool. For example, what did the effectiveness or satisfaction of a project mean for us? This, we decided as a team, analyzing what situation we were in and where we wanted to go. “

The team is all members. Not just the leader

“The platform has a very important quality that goes in line with our strategy of leading and co-responsible. That is, there is a leader, but if the team does not participate and is responsible for the atmosphere and emotional management, this doesn’t make sense. “

It helps to express yourself and to know…

“In fact, thanks to the tool, we are getting to know each other better as people. As you talk about happiness, or you give your point of view about it or maybe what you are doing to obtain it, it opens us up more to eachother.

Be aware and act to change

“And with the use of the tool, comes a moment in which we become aware of what is happening to us in the team, represented by what one appreciates of his own vision compared to the average of his peers. And at that point you can work on actions in a shared and transparent way, because we all see the same thing. We become aware of where we are, align ourselves and from there the action has more sustainability, because we already know each others opinions “.

The importance of continuous management of the tool

“In addition, I am of those who think that the emotions are not improved, they are accepted and they are managed. I think it can give a continuous improvement of management. You have to know what is happening, become aware of it, give it meaning and responsibility so that it will change. It is necessary, therefore, to make a participatory management of the tool “.

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