Affordable pricing plans for
teams of all sizes

Pay as you go!

Usuario SuperTeamLeader
Costo mensual / equipo 8 Euros 100 Euros
Real Time results + Team Health Index yes yes
Can add comment in the team chat yes yes
Answers test yes yes
General tips yes yes
Kick-off pack yes yes
Virtual kikcoff meeting no yes
Personalized report every 6 weeks no yes
Qualitative report end of phase no yes
Coach TeamEQ support no yes
Support for users upload no yes
Aggregated team results vision (>1 team) no yes
1 hour personal assesment every 6 weeks no yes
Observer 100 Euros/mes Servicios a pedido – Contáctanos

Corporate: Más de 50 usuarios
Nuestro plan corporativo se adapta a las necesidades de cada cliente. Recomendado para empresas de más de 50 personas

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